Solar Panel Cleaning

What is Solar Panel Cleaning – (aside from the obvious)
Solar Cleaning is the removal of dirt, dust, bird droppings, salt and any other debris build up on the surface of the Solar Panels. In essence we are removing anything that may be limiting the amount of light that is getting through to the Solar Panels. Most Solar Panel Manufacturers (Jinko, LG, GCL) recommend that to maximise the efficiency of your Solar System that the Panels should be cleaned every 6 – 12 months depending on your location and environment.

Why Is Solar Panel Cleaning Important –
When debris limits the light that the panels receive this effects the power output that the Solar System is able to produce. We also understand that in many cases it’s not possible to see your panels from ground level. This is why during our cleaning process we carry out an inspection for any hail damage or other surface damage that may also be limiting the output of your investment.

How Do We Clean Solar Panels –
We do this through the use of a special Water Filtration cleaning system, that is designed to effectively remove the debris and dry spot free. This is one of the best systems currently available for Solar Cleaning.

Pricing –
Solar Panel Cleaning for Residential homes and apartments start from $80. All quotes can be provided over the phone and without a site visit. Call Dave now to arrange your next clean.

Superior Window Cleaning is a fully insured operator. We ensure all aspects of working at heights are carried out in a safe and appropriate manner according to the working at heights regulations and guidelines.